How to join

Application Forms

If you are applying to become a Liveryman, you need to have an established career in scientific instrumentation or related field or progressing from Freeman of the Company. You will need to be proposed and seconded by two people within the Company. You also need to be a Freeman of the City of London before you can be admitted. The Clerk can advise on this if you are not already Free,

You can apply to be a Freeman if you are a student or in the early stages of your career. Simply complete the form below and return. Click here to see the WCSIM Data Privacy Notice.

Please email any completed form to The Clerk via or post it to: The Clerk, Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers, Glaziers’ Hall, 9 Montague Close, London SE1 9DD. You are also welcome to contact the Clerk if you have any questions.


Once an application is received it is considered by one of the Company’s committees and if acceptable approved by the Court. Once approved you will be expected to pay quarterage and an admission fee in line with the costs below. You will also be invited to attend an Admissions Ceremony and make a declaration of committment to the company and craft of scientific instrumentation. Apprentices also go though a binding ceremony at the Guildhall.

What does it cost?

Both Freemen and Liverymen pay the same annual subscription, called Quarterage in the Livery, dependent on age. This falls due at the end of every October when the Master and Wardens change.

Up to 25£30

Liverymen are also asked to pay a one-off Admission Fee of £250 plus £60 towards the cost of their livery badge. Freeman are asked for an Admission Fee of £50.