Current Award Holders

The leaflet below explains the awards we offer, however it should be noted that you cannot apply for these directly to us only via your University. We currently work with up to eight affiliated Universities. Details of the awards on offer are normally sent out in the Autumn, with interviews in  early Spring.

University Awards


2022 Awards

Beloe Fellow

Tom Rowan, Imperial College

SIM Scholars

Nancy Whittaker, City, University of London; Abderrahim Boualam, Imperial College; Jana Skirnewskaja, University of Cambridge; Samuel White, University of Bristol; Yucheng Shang, University of Edinburgh; Liam Johnson, University of Manchester ; Daniel Townend, University of Huddersfield

SIM Cohen Award Scholars

Rebecca Baker, UCL; Sankhyabrata Bandyopadhyay, City, University of London