A message from the Master

“Let me, as Master, give you a very warm welcome to the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers. I am delighted that are visiting this website.

I hope that if you decide to join us, that you will find membership rewarding, interesting and above all enjoyable as you meet regularly with other people who are interested in the craft of scientific instrumentation and related disciplines. Our network is broad and the Livery involves professionals from all aspects of science whom will be involved in aspects such as hardware, software, feedback, control, research, education or sales, of today’s instrument systems.

While our Livery is a modern vibrant company, with links to the most up-to-date devices and systems, we pride ourselves on our connection to the traditions of scientific instrument making, plus we enjoy that special relationship with the City of London including all of its history and heritage.

These notes will, I hope, provide you with some helpful background to Livery Companies and the mission as well as the purpose of our Livery. Our approach, is represented by our motto, which is ‘Looking Forward – Giving Back’ and I hope that you can see that this fits well with a company whose craft is so closely linked to innovation today, yet prides itself on the traditions which it upholds.

The Scientific Instrument Makers is a Livery of like-minded people, both young and old, comprising Apprentices, Freemen, Liverymen and Honorary Members, from an increasingly diverse and all-inclusive group.

‘Moving Forward and Giving Back’ is a clear aim and objective of our Company which has an active Education Programme linking to Schools, Academies and Universities. It is in this way that we support, create opportunities and help young people as they study. Our livery programme supports such wonderful initiatives as The Big Bang Fair which inspire our young scientists and engineers who will be our future.

Over my years at The Scientific Instrument Makers, I have met many members who collectively have a huge breadth of experience and knowledge. What is special is that they have freely offered advice and support which has been very helpful to me. In addition, I also have a lot of experience, and so in return I have been happy to assist others, with ideas and recommendations for their own projects, activities or objectives.

We are an organisation of friendly and helpful individuals and I repeat my welcome to you, and looking forward to greeting you in person at a Livery event in the coming year.”

Martyn Wheatley
Master 2020-2021