City of London Resources

The City of London offers a number of ways to connect with other people in the City and provides resources for members of Livery including regular updates on City activities.

Becoming a Freeman of the City of London

More information about becoming a Freeman of the City of London can be found on the City of London website. During lockdown arrangements for becoming a Freeman of the City of London have been varied to eliminate the need for a physical meeting. You are advised to phone the Chamberlains Court 020 7332 3055 to make arrangements.

Guild of Freemen of the City of London

All Freemen of the City of London are eligible to apply for membership of the Guild of Freemen of the City of London.

Livery Briefing

The latest newsletter from the Livery Committee can be found on its website along with an archive of past newsletters.

Lord Mayor’s Bulletin

All of the Lord Mayor’s Bulletins can be found on the Livery Committee’s website.

Gresham College

Offers a regular seminar series. Go here to find past and future lecture.

Livery Committee portal

The Livery Committee is a connecting forum for communication between the livery and the officers at Guildhall and Mansion House. Its website is a comprehensive collection of Livery-related information and resources.

Lord Mayor’s Show

The Lord Mayor’s Show is one of the landmark events in the City of London’s calendar and usually takes place in November each year.

City Livery Club

The City Livery Club offers a private daytime Club for Liverymen and members of related City organisations where they can meet, dine, and exchange views in heritage premises close to the Tower of London and within easy distance of Mansion House and Guildhall.