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A selection of quotes from Scholars, Apprentices, Freemen and Liverymen.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the livery banquet over the summer, and am incredibly grateful for both the financial aid and support that the company has offered and continues to offer me. I am hoping to soon attend a talk on engineering at the House of Lords, having been invited by a member of WCSIM.

During the summer just gone I took an internship with Mechatronic Solutions in Birmingham. Through my Apprentice Master and a member of the Worshipful Company, Chris Gibson, I was given this special opportunity, for which I am extremely grateful. I found my internship very interesting and rewarding and I felt it developed me positively as an engineer.
The livery is made up of highly knowledgeable and experienced technologists and therefore represented a pool of resource that could be called on at need. Especially in the area of Safety, I felt much more comfortable talking to customers, knowing that I had the Livery to fall back on, if needed.