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A selection of quotes from Scholars, Apprentices, Freemen and Liverymen.

Being a member of a City Livery Company makes you a part of a long tradition of philanthropy, charity and pageantry. While part of this is the enjoyment of formal dining in our own hall or in the fantastic and historic Livery Halls of other Liveries in the City of London, our Livery has a unique involvement in the promotion of science and engineering in the City and with Government. As a professional engineer, being a member of the Livery is an important part of my responsibility to my profession and the wellbeing of the country.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the livery banquet over the summer, and am incredibly grateful for both the financial aid and support that the company has offered and continues to offer me. I am hoping to soon attend a talk on engineering at the House of Lords, having been invited by a member of WCSIM.

During the summer just gone I took an internship with Mechatronic Solutions in Birmingham. Through my Apprentice Master and a member of the Worshipful Company, Chris Gibson, I was given this special opportunity, for which I am extremely grateful. I found my internship very interesting and rewarding and I felt it developed me positively as an engineer.